Saturday, October 31, 2009

About Gasai Photography

I've been in love with photography for as long as i can remember. When other kids were saving their little pocket change to purchase treats and toys, i was saving to purchase my first camera. I will never forget the day i bought my first camera, it's a day i'm proud to recall.
I remember my family and i travelling to London, and i remember going into this store and as soon as i saw the camera (and the price of course to ensure it fit my budget)
I said "I want that camera!"
And i remember my mom asking me with this suprised look on her face, "You're going to buy a camera?"
She was so shocked but i knew she was proud. I will never forget that "Kodak Moment" *hehe*.
So i bought a Kodak film camera, which i still have to this day and it is still in good condition.

Photograph entry: Past Kodak Moments

((Bird in the Tree))

((Hamilton Downtown Fountain))

((Niagara Falls))

((Niagara Falls: Fireworks))

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