Saturday, December 26, 2009


So earlier this morning i was viewing the pics i had taken of my family's christmas dinner when my camera fumbled out of my hand and broke! I'm so upset because ive taken such good care of this camera and even though i wanted a new camera i still wanted to be able to use this one. It only fell a short distance from my hand to the ground (soft carpet) so im just shocked that it's broken. Well i shouldnt really say broken as the lens is what's the problem. It's stuck and will not move so im unable to take any photographs. This really sucks because i've had a Kodak camera prior and my neice dropped it & it nearly split in two but worked fine to this day. Anyways, hopefully i can get this camera sorted out so i can take some winter shots to post up before the month ends.

It Didnt Feel Like Christmas
I hope everyone had a great christmas i was so busy i didnt have time to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Anyways i enjoyed the day with my family but honestly it did not feel like christmas at all. For one it didnt snow; it rained and washed away the little snow we did have. It was sloshy and slippery on the roads and felt more like a rainy spring day instead of winter. We were all hoping for a little snow for Christmas day but i guess better luck next year eh?
For all those out for boxing day sales, enjoy and please be safe out there.

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