Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cheerleading Alliance

The other day i went to Canada's Wonderland with the familia to watch Karen (my sisterinlaw) compete in cheeleading and also to have a little fun day out. Apparently it was suppose to be hot, which it was NOT. It was so cold, and i was not dressed for the weather at all; especially how i was coming down with a cold. I had on a blazer and scarf but i was still so cold. I didn't really go on much rides because i was just cold and could not bother to wait in line for the rides. I basically just took pics and tried whatever i could to keep warm. Actually i wish i had taken more pics but i was cold and i couldn't bother with it to be honest.

Anyways, Karen performed and her team won FIRST PLACE! I'm so proud of her-- she was great! She did her entire routine without having a fall.. she didn't make any mistakes -- her routine was just wonderful. It was worth cheering in the cold *hehehe*
Well here are a few pics from the cheerleading alliance competition (below).

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  1. those stunts was crazy! the lil kids were the cutest.