Monday, July 12, 2010

In The Countryside

During my recent trip to Jamaica, i visited the country and took some pictures to capture my visit.
Here are a few pictures of my visit:

The Country

The Country2

The Country3

This goat was just laying there and allowed me to take its picture

A donkey munching on some grass
A Donkey


  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of Jamaica! I never imagined that it was covered with such luscious green grass. So vibrant! You captured it well. So glad I found you through the 31DBBB Blog/SITSGirls Challenge.

  2. Enchanting and amazing pics.
    I feel like being there, even if I'm Rome :)
    Great work Sits Girl!

  3. I love these pictures...I went to Jamaica a few years back..but i never took amazing photos like this...

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  5. OMG, great great pictures! the place is super amazing! looks paradise to me =)


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