Monday, January 4, 2010

False Alarm

Last night our smoke detector kept going on and off for no apparent reason. There were no smoke or fire in the house, and i became a bit worried after some 2 hours of the annoying alarm. We weren't sure if it was the carbon monoxide-smoke alarm detector in the upstairs so we wanted to be safe. We did the safe thing and called the police station (non-emergency) and they sent out the fire department to do a check on the house. Now this was the first time i had to go through this; and we had to wait outside until they arrived and it weas COLD out there. Anyways they came... they checked... and everything was OKAY! Apparently the smoke detector upstairs is hardwired and most likely malfunctioning because they did not detect any smoke, fire or even carbon monoxide. I'm just happy that the house is cleared and safe, now i can sleep (i haven't slept in nearly 24 hours). Now i have to find a technician to replace this stupid detector, before it starts going off again when it feels like it.


  1. Well THANK GOD it was a false alarm! sucs u have to find someone to repair it though!

    Happy New Year~

  2. That is a frightening experience. Glad it turned out to be all right.