Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Breakfast At Dean Michaels

So my mom and i decided to have breakfast out since we haven't had breakfast together in awhile. We decided to visit Dean Michaels on County Road, heading towards Norwich (yeah it's in the country hehe). I did not sleep during the night and i didnt want to fall asleep during the day and screw up my sleeping pattern. Once it's messed up it's so hard to get back into my regular sleeping pattern. So i was happy that we were going out, because that would really help me stay awake. Anyways, I had a lot of fun out with my mom; she's a bit crazy sometimes and today was no exception. We laughed and laughed...and laughed some more. Then we ate, and ate until we couldn't move *haha*.
Here's some pics below for your enjoyment. Ciao!


  1. these pictures are great and fun!

    i wanted to take some food photos from dinner with my friends yesterday, but with things getting derailed, i never got a chance. i always wanted to try food photography but felt so awkward. i don't know why i feel so awkward about it since i've never actually taken pictures of food before.

  2. i know what you mean. It looks as though it would be awkward to take food pics and sometimes it is... But i was having so much fun that day that i forgot about the awkward feeling *hehe*

  3. I really like your picture of the little piggy its awesome, looks like you had a sugar high after so many packets in your coffee

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  5. I love crepes but fruit crepes with caramel and powdered sugar are the best!