Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ugly Betty: It's Over...Whyyy!

For one, i can't believe that Ugly Betty got cancelled. I'm not a fan of any new tv shows, because in all honesty there's a lot of crap on tv these days. Ugly Betty is the only tv show i actually looked forward to watching (aside from IR: Cold Case, 48 hours etc.).

Anyways apparently they're being cancelled because of poor views lately, which i think is not the show's fault. They kept moving the time around (wednesday to fridays, 9pm to 10pm etc) without really announcing it much, so many people basically just couldnt bother to figure out when the show will be airing. I think thats one of the main reason why the show lost so many followers...

So Wednesday was the show's finale which i didnt get to watch until today. I knew in myself that i wouldn't be happy with the show's ending. Reason being, they had so many issues to deal with before the show ended and would have to cram it all in a few episodes. The ending is obviously not what i expected but i guess it could have been worse... Amanda finally found her father, Daniel steps down and makes Wilhelmina sole editor of Mode, Betty leaves Mode and goes to London (whyyyy!) and now it seems her and daniel will end up together... I guess thats cute, but seriously why did they have to cancel poor Betty arghhh! I'm still trying to cope *sad face*


  1. Absolutely beautiful! The photos are fantastic! Thanks for great posts! and comments on my blog!

  2. thank you so much. and thanks for visiting :)