Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Sexy Self

My birthday is today and in honour of my birthday i've made a list of random things about me you probably do not know

23 things about me you probably do not know.
1. I'm currently wearing braces! (i sure am... and now i'm wondering why i ever got them)
2. I love to walk around in my pajamas when i'm at home (so comfy)
3. I'm the youngest of three.. apparently i'll always be the baby according to my mom
4. I don't drink pop/soda, i hate it
5. I prefer flats or sneakers over heels on a everyday basis (but i'd never go clubbing in sneakers!)
6. I've never been drunk and don't want to ever get drunk
7. I want to be an entrepreneur one day... i rather work for myself than someone else
8. I'm only 5'3, yeah im not very tall at all
9. I live in the countryside, and even though its boring i prefer it over the big city now
10. I don't have a favourite colour or favourite food
11. I hardly wear makeup, i love to go natural
12. I love to watch Golden Girls, this show's classic
13. I'm making this list when i should be studying
14. My mom and i are really close, she's my best friend
15. I no longer own a cellphone, i gave it away because i hardly ever use one
16. I don't have Twitter... i don't plan to join twitter either
17. Sometimes i'm an insomniac (most times)
18. I always leave final assignments until the last minute.. i'm really trying to change
19. I want to learn fluent Japanese and Filipino
20. I love tea. I drink tea every single day... I just love it
21. A lot of people think im 14 or 16... i hate it but in time i'll appreciate it (when im a lot older)
22. I love blistex lip balm... i can't go a day without it
23. When i travel i always pack unnecessary things that i know i wont use but i bring "just in case"
And there you have it. Twenty-three things about me you didn't know :)


  1. Happy Birthday!
    Hope you have a great one! :)
    Number 2,6,11 and 5 is me..how do you survive without a cellphone? I would not breathe :)

  2. 1. I hope you had a fabulous birthday! :)
    2. The countryside is absolutely preferable!
    3. Tea is the best. Jasmine is my favorite.
    4. I wonder if height contributes to apparent youth? My younger sister is taller than I am, and everyone always thinks she is older.
    5. I don't have a favorite color or food either! I thought I was the only one! Everyone always thinks that's so weird...

  3. Thanks so much both of you :)
    @ Tricia..... yeah people think im weird cus i can survive without a cell hehe.. but take away my internet and i'll go insane lol

    @ M...... I love green tea and chai... and people do think its weird that i dont have a favourite colour or food.. glad to see im not the only one though *hehe*

  4. Happy Birthday, young'un! I want to learn Japanese, too.

  5. Happy belated birthday :)

    Those are some lovely things about you. And I am sure you will appreciate that people think you are younger than you really are when time comes :)

  6. Like your list! I hardly ever wear make-up and have a chapstick addiction as well. But I am addicted to Diet Soda (should give it up, but it's my one vice).

    Thanks for your kind comments! We share a London dream! Happy SITS day!

    xo - Erin